This too shall pass.


Experienced and savvy business owners know that “this too shall pass”.

The world and economy are in absolute chaos right now. But in a couple weeks or months, we’ll pick ourselves up and move on. And, we’ll be stronger than before.

Because that’s what humans do.

We evolve. We innovate. We adapt.

I know that you’re wondering what will happen after this. Truth is nobody knows exactly how the world will be. But I do know that we’re capable of handling it no matter what. When the dust has settled, you’ll look back and be proud that your business has survived.

However, there is a difference between survive and thrive. And if you want to thrive, you’ll need to things differently.

I believe that NOW is the best time for you to really gain clarity on your business and its future.

NOW is the perfect time for you to take a stand and CHOOSE to have a thriving business.

NOW is the perfect time to plan ahead, to work on your long term strategy, to up-level your skills.

We are often reluctant to get help, I get that. I was that guy for a very long time. And I was stuck in the same place for years literally. I was surviving, barely, but surviving. Then I made the choice. I reached out to experts, something that I never did before.

I found out that they are regular people just like you and me, and they sincerely want to help. I’ve had a lot of conversations with authors, coaches, and other entrepreneurs. And with each conversation, I got something new. And I grew, as a person and as a business owner.

Inspired by the people who helped me, today I help other business owners.

Here’s my message to you: don’t let your assumptions stop you from taking action.

For example, sometimes people think that if they get on a free strategy call with me, they’ll have to buy from me. When in fact, the opposite is true, I work with only a few select clients.

When you’re on a strategy call with me, my goal is to help you gain clarity on your business and provide you with a personalised step-by-step plan you can follow. And, if I believe that we might be a good fit to continue working together, I might make an offer. But the choice is yours. Always.

So, if you want a thriving business, take one action today.

And on that note, you’ll be happy to know that I’ve created a complete system for attracting your ideal clients which is essential for growth. It’s called the Service Business Blueprint. You can get it for free today.

To download to go servicebusinessblueprint.com

Here’s to your business success!


About the author

Umar Bahadoor

Umar helps service-based business owners grow their businesses online so that they can finally stop stressing out and live the life of their dreams without working all the time. Unlike others who sell complex solutions, Umar focuses on simple strategies that are massively profitable for service-based businesses.