The one thing that could be preventing you from selling


I used to have this huge issue with selling my coding services.

A few years ago, when website development was my main business, I was charging $1,000 per website. Keep in mind that I was not selling the website to end clients i.e. business owners.

Instead, I was selling only the development part to design agencies who already designed the whole site. The only thing I needed to do was to code it for them. I had a few design agencies as clients and they were recurring clients with projects every month, but I was struggling to grow the business to the level that I wanted.

I didn’t know why at first.

But then, I found out.

I did not have any confidence in my offer. And the reason for that is because I knew that other developers were selling the same service for like $99 on other platforms. I felt like I was overcharging.

True, the quality of my code was way above the rest. But the fact is, it did not matter. I did not believe in the value that I was creating.

And when you don’t believe in your offer, guess what? It’s really, really hard to sell that offer. Because you try to sell from a place of fear. You expect rejection, and you receive it.

That’s one of the reasons that I’ve moved away from that offer and instead went back to selling high-value software development work.

That was highly more valuable. For example, for one client, I built a complete mobile app that actually helps their business grow. I charged decently for it and got no push back. Their clients and staff are using the app every day, and it’s helping them even beyond what was expected.

And now, I’ve transitioned to helping service-based business owners grow their businesses online. I’ve crafted my system and offers around one key difference: simplicity. Unlike others who sell complex solutions, I focus on simple strategies that are massively profitable.

With my new offer, it’s so much easier to talk to prospects and just help them go to the next level. And it’s even more fulfilling for me as a person.

That’s the difference an offer can make.

It can hold you back, or it can propel you forward. And, that’s why I spend a lot of time helping my clients craft an irresistible offer. That is an offer that’s really appealing to their prospect, but also one that they are comfortable with.

When I say offer, people often think that it’s something that only coaches or marketing people create. That’s far from it. An offer is anything that you are selling for the price that you’ve decided. At a lemon stand, the seller is offering you lemons for a few of your coins.

That’s his offer.

The quality of the lemons is part of the offer, the colour, size… Every single detail.

What happens if the lemons are rotten? Or what about if someone else had another lemon stand on the other side of the street and was selling them at a fraction of the price? Guess what? Unless he is absolutely sold on the value of his lemons, he’d have a hard time selling his lemons just like I did with my website coding services.

Enough with lemons. Oh, maybe just one last thing. Maybe he could try to sell lemonade? I don’t know. It could be a higher-value offer depending on his location.

But back to your business. Are you absolutely sold on the value that your services create? Do you have an irresistible offer?

If not, the first step would be to download my Service Business Blueprint. Step 3 is all about creating an irresistible offer. It’s currently free, and if you want it, go to ServiceBusinessBlueprint.com

(And, if you already have it and you need help with the implementation, we should talk. Email me today to schedule a meeting.)

About the author

Umar Bahadoor

Umar helps service-based business owners grow their businesses online so that they can finally stop stressing out and live the life of their dreams without working all the time. Unlike others who sell complex solutions, Umar focuses on simple strategies that are massively profitable for service-based businesses.