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Do you ever feel stuck in your business? Or maybe you’ve been debating the idea of starting a new business. Either way, allow me to help.

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Should you ever work for free?


One of the most common questions I get from new business owners is whether or not they should work for free to build their portfolio, gain experience, and then start charging. In most cases, my answer is NO! Never work for free — Except when it makes sense to do so. That doesn’t help much, does it? Well, I then go deeper to explain the situations where it would make sense. So, today...

Is this desperation?


When you have made the decision to work for yourself and step away from the security of a salary and employee benefits, life can feel tough. Sure, there are plenty of upsides, and for many people freelancing is the life they had always dreamt of, but never thought possible. However, a secure stream of work can be harder to establish, some months you can be swamped, yet other times you can feel...