Build your Service Business, One Client at a Time.


Build your Service Business, One Client at a Time.

Do you ever feel stuck in your business? Or maybe you’ve been debating the idea of starting a new business. Either way, allow me to help.

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Stop Labeling Yourself as a Freelancer! Seriously, Stop Now!


What’s your title? What do you call yourself? A freelancer? Have you considered the negative connotations associated with being titled a freelancer? Not only is there a stigmatisation among some people when they hear that you are a freelancer, but it is also misleading your inner confidence in a subtle way. There is a broad range of individuals who have been raised to believe that a...

Bad Time Management Will Destroy Your Business


While terrible financial management is the leading cause of the downfall of freelance businesses, I would have to say the 2nd leading cause is bad time management practices. The other disturbing fact is that many entrepreneurs believe they are using their time properly until they examine the wreckage after the business ship goes down. And they say, “Why didn’t I manage my time better?” How...

Obvious Client Red Flags


Just as clients often interview freelancers to ensure they are the right fit, freelancers should also qualify clients to make sure that the client will be up to their expectations. Clients are in one of three categories. Bad Good Somewhere in between In this article, I am going to focus on bad clients and the red flags they might wave to help you determine if they fall into the bad client...

How to Make Your Clients Love You – Spoiler: It’s Really Easy.


The second most important issue after providing your clients with top-notch work is customer care. It might sound trite but no matter what whether you are a sole trader with a client base of 3 or a multi-million-pound conglomerate with millions of customers, your level of customer care can make all the difference. A term that has come from the internet world that is appropriate here is CX or...

Should you ever work for free?


One of the most common questions I get from new business owners is whether or not they should work for free to build their portfolio, gain experience, and then start charging. In most cases, my answer is NO! Never work for free — Except when it makes sense to do so. That doesn’t help much, does it? Well, I then go deeper to explain the situations where it would make sense. So, today...

Is this desperation?


When you have made the decision to work for yourself and step away from the security of a salary and employee benefits, life can feel tough. Sure, there are plenty of upsides, and for many people freelancing is the life they had always dreamt of, but never thought possible. However, a secure stream of work can be harder to establish, some months you can be swamped, yet other times you can feel...