Is everybody looking for the cheapest option?

Clearance, Clearance, Clearance

So, a while ago my son was really, really sick, and we had to make a few visits to the hospital. Now, in Mauritius, public healthcare is basically free, but still, there are paid clinics and hospitals.

They will both treat you, they both have good doctors, but a large majority of people still choose to go for the paid options. When I was at the hospital, I had to wait for a bit, there were about 5 people ahead of me, and that got me thinking about my own choice to come to this paid institution instead of the free ones.

I could think of at least five reasons. And in no particular order, they are parking, waiting time, quality of service, the treatment, the trust…

Among these reasons, I think that trust is the most important one, and it’s also the case with any business.

My clients have mostly chosen my web development company because of the trust they have in our ability to deliver. I choose a specific hairdresser because I trust he won’t mess up my hair.

If you want to have a profitable business for the long run, you’ll need to engineer the trust. You can’t leave it to chance. Because, when people trust that you can solve their problems, they will come to you even if you are not the cheapest option. Actually, if they really trust you, they’ll come to you even when you are the most expensive option (if they can afford your services).

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