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How to drive people to give you their contact details and permission to reach them


Warning: This is an excerpt from my book “Ethical Bribes.” To get a free copy of the book, write a comment below. You can simply say “Yes, I want the book.” How do you convince someone to do what you want them to do? How do you get people to raise their hands and tell you they are interested in your service? How do you drive people to give you their contact details and...

Stop Labeling Yourself as a Freelancer! Seriously, Stop Now!


What’s your title? What do you call yourself? A freelancer? Have you considered the negative connotations associated with being titled a freelancer? Not only is there a stigmatisation among some people when they hear that you are a freelancer, but it is also misleading your inner confidence in a subtle way. There is a broad range of individuals who have been raised to believe that a...