About the Author


Umar Bahadoor is the founder of Uny Ltd., an IT consulting firm that helps small and medium businesses leverage the power of technology to sell more products and services. His analytical skills allow him to get into any business, investigate their current processes and come up with innovative solutions to improve their workflow. He has worked with clients such as Secure Healthcare Solutions UK which has a gross annual revenue of 2M GBP, and UPilot which is currently valued at 6M USD.

Umar has a Master’s degree in Software Engineering and a BSc in the same field. He has also contributed to publishing research papers during his time as a university research assistant.

Before starting his own company, Umar was a freelance web developer and has worked with over 300 clients online. And before that, he served as team leader and senior developer at GWS Technologies Ltd., a web development firm whose clients include ABC Banking, Rogers Capital and Air Mauritius.

In addition to being a geek about technology, Umar is passionate about high performance in all fields. He regularly blogs about the business of web design and helps freelancers improve their business. When he is not working, he’s usually playing with his two-year old son or enjoying a movie with his wife.