Build your Service Business, One Client at a Time.


Build your Service Business, One Client at a Time.

Do you ever feel stuck in your business? Or maybe you’ve been debating the idea of starting a new business. Either way, allow me to help.

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Is blogging really worth your time?


Imagine you decide to throw a dinner party for your friends. You don’t say this out loud, but deep down you secretly want them to see what an amazing cook you are. So, you set the date, you prepare everything, and it’s perfect. But let’s say you don’t send out invitations, how many of your friends will be able to taste your masterpiece? That’s right, none...

Targeting the masses? The beachhead strategy is exactly what you need right now


June 6, 1944, soldiers from the allied forces landed in Normandy, France. The soldiers consisted of Americans, British and Canadians. They all landed simultaneously on five separate areas of the Normandy beach. This single event helped bring an end to the Nazi Reich. The landing was tough. There were hundreds of casualties, but by the end of August that same year, all of northern France was...

7 Mistakes Small Business Owners Make With Their Contact Page


Have you ever been on a website and you wonder: How the hell can I contact this guy? Well, you’re not alone. We’ve all been in that situation, and it’s not our fault. Some websites are merely hard to navigate. The thing that these business owners do not realise is that they are potentially losing sales and much more by making it hard on people. But if there is one thing that can immediately...

Everything I wish I knew about pricing creative services


Let me ask you a question, how much does a private jet cost? Never thought about it, right? Now before you go on Googling for an answer, let me tell you that according to Bankrate, the price for a brand-new private jet ranges from $3 million to $90 million. So, let’s say, I’m selling you a private jet for $10,000. What would you think? And, what about if I tell you that the price is $500 million...

How To Turn One-Shot Clients Into Repeat Clients


It’s so simple; you’re going to wonder why you haven’t been using this three-step formula all this time. You might even be slightly angry with me for pointing it out. But first, let’s see why you need to have a strategy for converting one-time projects into recurring revenue. It’s expensive in time, effort and money to get new clients. According to Bain & Company, it...

Your full-time job is not that secure! (Find out how to protect yourself)


Do you believe that since you have a full-time well-paying job, you’re safe forever? I’m sorry, but I’ll need to burst your bubble. In fact, you’re probably living dangerously already. Here’s what I mean. Your job has never been guaranteed. You can lose it at any time, even if you’re the best performer. Your boss could fire you for any reason. Your company can decide to downsize. Your company’s...

5 Myths That I Used To Believe In About Starting Your Own Business.


A while ago, I read an interesting fact on Inc.com. The author was saying that around two-thirds of people under 30 wanted to start their own businesses. It suggests that many people see a business as the best route to freedom. And, I believe that it truly is. But, look around you. How many people do you see with their own businesses? Not that many, right? There’s a reason for that. The...

13 Reasons Why Mauritian Entrepreneurs Must Read Books To Improve Their Businesses


Be honest – when was the last time you read a non-fiction book cover to cover? Would you rather watch a TV show than actually read a good book? You should know by now you’re not the only one. While it’s not always as entertaining as watching a movie, reading must be a part of your growth strategy. If you’re an entrepreneur, you should definitely read some business books too. If you lack the time...

3 Critical Money Mindset for Ambitious Business Owners


Have you ever had someone tell you that they don’t need money? Or have you had this thought yourself? As weird as this may sound to some, they’re not alone in having these thoughts. It turns out that many people have a love-hate relationship with money. Many creatives believe that making too much money would transform them into a sell-out. For example, I once spoke with a guy who shared this...

3 Ways You Are Limiting Yourself. #2 will double your income!


Working as a solo business owner can be very challenging.  You will have to deal with some complex technical issues while managing clients and keeping up-to-date with rapidly advancing technologies. Freelancers also have to spend a lot of time sending invoices, promoting services and ensuring other aspects of the business is running smoothly.  It can be overwhelming at times!  With so many...